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[you're just a teaboy.]

i'm much more than that.

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Name:ianto jones
Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"That's what I love about Torchwood. By day, chasing the scum of the universe; come midnight, you're the wedding fairy."

Interests (57):

"weevil-hunting", admin, being ambassador for wales, being sarcastic, being welsh, being witty, bikes with bells, boring office stuff, candy floss, captain jack harkness, cardiff, catching dinosaurs, chinese food, cleaning up your shit, coffee, details, dinosaur-catching nets, disposing of bodies, feeding pterodactyls chocolate, field hockey stick weapons, filing, gadgets, grammar, gwen cooper, impressive equipment, james bond, lisa hallett, making coffee, managing jack's impressive equipment, myfanwy, naming things, not being a monster, not dying in switzerland, noticing things, office romances, owen harper, pizza, pterodactyls, pub quizzes, queen, selling maps to tourists, stopwatches, suits, suzie costello, take-away, tea, the button on top, the electro, ties, torchwood, torchwood one, torchwood three, toshiko sato, travel, using my eyes, wales, weevil-hunting
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